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07 Sep
Hotel Room Billing Software - Complete solution for Room Bookings, Reservations, Check-In, Check-Out and House Keeping.
21 Aug
BUGFIX: SMS Issue Updated on 21 Aug,2020
Complete Restaurant Billing Software with Inventory. Print KOT directly to the printer in your Kitchen. Easy to Install.
13 Apr
Popup Windows Sales Voucher Updated on 13 Apr,2020
Accounting and Inventory software for Jewellery Business as Gold, Silver, Diamond, Gem Stone, Utensil Merchant, Gold and Diamond Showroom.
07 Mar
Import Attendance Updated on 07 Mar,2020
Easy and Simple Salary Software Windows Version for MNC/National, Private Limited Companies, Industry, Hospital, Hotel, Collage, School, Publication Group etc.
15 Jan
Merge two brand Updated on 15 Jan,2020
kStock (Veg Box) Inventory Software is developed to manage stock of kerets.
05 Aug
GST Update Updated on 05 Aug,2019
Photo Lab Accounting Software for Digital Photo Color Lab
10 May
Number of Copies in KOT Updated on 10 May,2017
restaurant, sweet corners, ice-cream parlor and hotels, Cafeteria, Pizza-Hut, Pizzeria, Home Delivery Counter, Corporate Catering, billing, POS, multiuser restaurant
29 Mar
Updated on 29 Mar,2017
Wool stock / inventory and billing Software for woolen concern
21 Mar
PSA Accounting Software with Stock Management System for DOS operating system.
28 Sep
Remove bug Updated on 28 Sep,2014
Question Bank Database for entering into competitive exams.

Compu Restaurant

Easy to use, quick to implement

POS for Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Sweet Corner, Try Free. Low cost Software


Room Billing System

Guest Checkin, Checkout, advance reservation with simple dashboard system.